A Mystery Shopper is a person who poses as a real customer to measure the quality of sales and service.

A mystery shopper is appointed by businesses to pose as customers to audit their products at stores. They act like customers and assess the store staff on their sales and services. Mystery shopping is a research technique that has been useful for many businesses like banks, supermarkets, clothing retailers, etc.

Taskmo (FeedMyPockets Formerly) - Gig Economy (Vol.99)

Mystery shopping has been an effective tool as getting the customer’s view is useful in marketing and customer services. When mystery shoppers visit any store they assess the sales and services skills through criteria that are set by businesses themselves. Their reports are then forwarded to the clients who then evaluate it. Mystery shoppers can also be used to evaluate the competitors and their sales and services for comparisons.

The businesses set up a questionnaire based on their overall goals and objectives. These questionnaires are then used by mystery shoppers to be filled while visiting any store. These assessments are mainly based on customer services, sales techniques, store organizations, management, cleanliness of the store, product quality, etc. These assessments are used by businesses to provide employee recognition and incentives to enforce loyalty and boost their morale.

Some large companies have their mystery shoppers. However, others hire mystery shoppers from staffing platforms, like Taskmo (FeedMyPockets Formerly). Outsourcing mystery shoppers is more convenient and economical. Platforms like Taskmo, provide with trained temporary staff who are efficient and ethical. They can be tracked and managed through real-time GPS tracking automated features which will enable businesses to track the progress of the task. The mystery shoppers are trained and deployed at the quickest by Taskmo. After their task is completed, they submit the reports which can be evaluated by the clients later.

Mystery shopping is an important tool for businesses and is helpful for companies to acquire information that will help assess their employees as well as assess their sales and services overall.