Bangalore Based Startup FeedMyPockets Is ‘Taskmo’ Now!

Taskmo (FeedMyPockets Formerly)

In simple terms, if one has to define Taskmo, it’s a one-stop solution for businesses to get the tasks (field or sitting) done.

Taskmo is a Task Fulfillment Platform. We are a managed marketplace that offers a digital-first approach in fulfillment and supply chain solutions for businesses.

In today’s growing economy, we at Taskmo leverage upon the gig economy. We employ a suitable workforce based on your tasks, provide them with the required AI-based online training applicable for your task, and ensure that your task is completed with set standards and within the timeframe.

The gig workers that we employ are thoroughly scrutinized through our 3 levels of the filtration process. These 3 levels include digital KYC, AI-driven training and selection. Once they qualify all 3 levels only then they are employed for the task.

Taskmo has built for Next Billion Users to bring digital revolutions in New Bharath. In such a case, the future holds more opportunities for many business sectors here. But all businesses cannot have the required workforce to meet their growing needs. Hence we at Taskmo are here to help you with your workforce solutions.

Why should you choose Taskmo?

1. If you want to build your brand and create brand awareness, we take up this task for you.

2. If you want to market your products, services or new features across various platforms, we take up this task for you.

3. If you want to increase your clientele and attract new customers, we get it done for you.

4. If you want to conduct audits, we are here to help.

5. If you want to have the option of last-mile delivery services, we do that too for you.

6. If you want to reach out to more merchants and scale up your operations we are here to help you.

7. If you are in need of tele callers and data entry services we offer them to you.

8. If you are in need of promoters, supervisors, storekeepers, drivers and any other workforce services we at Taskmo are there to help you.

Taskmo is a platform that connects your tasks to their respective taskers and ensures your unfulfilled task is fulfilled.

Then why waiting?

Start Tasking With Taskmo!!