Challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic for Grocery tech-based companies: benefited by hiring additional delivery executives from Taskmo with all the safety measures.

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The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic took over the entire world all of a sudden and forced the entire world to go into lockdown. In India, the nationwide lockdown was announced and people just had an overnight’s time to prepare for it. Although essential services including groceries, medicines were allowed during the lockdown period, people were advised to stay indoors and order the necessary items online.

Several grocery delivery apps are available but since the lockdown was implemented in about 6 hours after it was announced, nobody was prepared for the challenges that came after.

The demand increased and there was a shortage of workforce among companies. Delivery executives are amongst the frontline warriors that have helped us get through this pandemic. They have been risking their lives by delivering our essential commodities.

Some of the companies approached several On-demand staffing platforms like Taskmo to hire a delivery fleet to overcome the problem of being understaffed. Hiring temporary staff from platforms like Taskmo was the best option for grocery delivery companies because it is the fastest way to deploy a large workforce and achieve productive results simultaneously.

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Deploying a workforce during such challenging times was a challenge itself. It was the responsibility of the staffing platforms to make sure that there were no symptomatic workers deployed which meant that regular temperature checks had to be done and precautionary measures had to be taken so that they do not get infected. All the measures were taken care of when the staff was deployed on-ground.

The pandemic has been challenging to date and we have adjusted to this new lifestyle. Delivery executives are still running through cities for our needs and the demands for online grocery deliveries are still high. Thus, hiring temporary staff can be extremely beneficial as it is quick and cost-effective. Staffing platforms like Taskmo have already deployed many executives for leading grocery delivery companies and it has been a huge success for them.

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