Kiosk model is the best strategy in BTL marketing.

BTL marketing or Below the Line marketing is an advertising strategy where products and services are promoted through non-traditional methods. The traditional methods of advertising or marketing are through print media, radio, television, etc. BTL marketing involves techniques that reach out to the audience directly either through events, campaigns, or other innovative marketing strategies. BTL marketing is not as prominent as other forms of marketing strategies but it has its pros.

One of the most important reasons BTL marketing is preferred because it is cost-effective than any other marketing strategy. The second most important advantage is that it reaches the target audience directly. It does not rely on the hope that the advertisement will be noticed by the customer and there will be a positive response from their end. It helps the business to connect with the customers which can turn into an opportunity to sell the product at the same time.

Taskmo (FeedMyPockets Formerly) - Gig Economy (Vol.96)

There are many ways of BTL marketing and it is conducted by the company itself. The different forms of BTL marketing are direct e-mail marketing, Door-to-door marketing, exterior location marketing, inbound marketing, etc.

Out of all the forms, apart from door-to-door marketing, exterior location marketing requires a large man force. Exterior location marketing strategies can be promotions at public spaces, setting up kiosks for brand promotion, etc.

Kiosk model as a BTL marketing strategy is the most preferred method of brand promotion as it does not intervene in the audience’s personal space and at the same time has higher outcomes of marketing. Kiosks can be set up anywhere and different methods can be developed to attract more crowds. The staff employed gets an opportunity to directly interact with the audience and understand them. This not only helps in generating customers but also helps study and analyze the crowd which can help in developing the product of the company accordingly. Having kiosks as a marketing strategy also helps in clarifying doubts that customers might have which will again help in developing the product accordingly. Kiosks are also cost-effective.

Now, hiring staff as kiosk managers may seem very tedious but with the help of staffing platforms like Taskmo (FeedMyPockets Formerly), it becomes an easier process. Taskmo (FeedMyPockets Formerly) trains young job seekers and deploys them at the earliest according to the client’s needs and requirements. The staff deployed can be managed and tracked by the client and the productivity can be assessed accordingly. The staff is trained to drive brand awareness through face-to-face interactions with the customers and devise various methods to attract more crowd with the only goal to increase product awareness and their sales.

Kiosks are an excellent BTL marketing strategy and the best way through reap the maximum benefits of this is by hiring the right workforce for it.

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