Look walker Advertising gives the complete advantage of outdoor media in a small budget.

Look walker activity is a form of outdoor advertising. Look walkers are made to wear boards and walk around specific locations where the target audience is nearby. They promote products or services to the interested people and provide them with the necessary information regarding the same.

FeedMyPockets- Gig Economy (Vol.91)

Look walker activity is an effective promotional activity and it is designed in a way that makes it easy for the audience to contemplate the product. Surveys show the outdoor advertising strategy such as look walker activity are very useful and people respond to it. The nature of such advertisings is in a way to attract people and make it stand out from the traditional forms of advertisement strategies. They are able to target the specific audience given that they are deployed at the appropriate locations. They help to boost sales of the product or service they are advertising.

The most important benefit of look walker activity is that it is cost-effective and is a sustainable choice for companies with a low budget for advertising. There are many agencies providing look-walkers. There are other staffing platforms like, FeedMyPockets, which provide with look walkers. The advantage of hiring look walkers from such platforms are many. The staff is temporary and they are trained by FMP. They are deployed according to the choice of location by the client and they can be managed and tracked by the clients to keep the productivity in check.

Look walker activity is a cheap and affordable form of outdoor advertising and can be very effective when they are hired from the correct platforms.

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