Telecalling/telemarketing gauge the customer’s level of interest in one’s product or service.

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Telemarketing or Tele-Calling is a direct marketing strategy that involves contact with potential customers through telephone, fax, or Internet. These interactions are usually carried out by telemarketers or sometimes, by automated telephone calls or “robocalls”. Some BPOs are hired by major companies for telemarketing and some companies have their telemarketers.

Telemarketing has been a controversial marketing strategy as it a more interactive and personal sales marketing strategy. Over the years, some companies have taken unethical steps for marketing and thus this job has gained a bad reputation since then.

However, telemarketing is a very beneficial marketing strategy for companies that are launching new products or services. Telemarketing helps in generating leads as well as approach existing customers. It also proves to be very effective in attaining valuable feedback. This feedback is useful to understand the needs of the customers and helps to shape the product in that particular direction. It determines the future of the product or service and thus in business expansion. Telemarketing enables companies to reach to customers very closely and help maintain a good rapport with them. The results from telemarketing are measurable and can be analyzed very closely.

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One of the most important benefits of telemarketing it enables companies to estimate the success of the product through the interest shown by the customer. This helps companies to make analyze the market value of the product and the changes that can be implemented to increase the success rate.

Tele calling or Telemarketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy. Many BPOs can be outsourced. There are a few on-demand staffing platforms like, Taskmo , which provides temporary staff for telemarketing. The hired staff are trained accordingly and deployed the quickest. This can be beneficial as it will be easier to keep a track of the productivity of the hired staff and at the same time cost-effective.

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