The Upshot of COVID-19 on Startups

Arpitha V
2 min readJun 27, 2020


The pandemic has hit almost all countries and broken down the economy of most of the major countries. India has tried to contain the number of cases by imposing an early lockdown period but that has severely affected our small businesses, entrepreneurs, and most importantly the daily wage laborers. Every day people are dying in India, not by the infectious virus but by hunger and poverty.

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The startup industry has also started to see the hindrances in running a smooth business with the extended lockdown periods and functioning from homes via the virtual world. And not only small businesses but larger companies have also seen the downfall.

The startup business is very delicate and the productivity of each employee is important so as the startup runs smoothly. But these times have been challenging and employees find it difficult trying to stay as productive as they are in their offices on normal days, working from homes, taking care of their families and their mental health.

The government has taken measures to provide aids for small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, etc. There are certain private organizations as well as trying their best to help them.

The concerns of startups are increasing every day. They are finding ways to survive this together, be it the noticeable issues like losses in businesses or others like the mental instability of employees leading to a decrease in their efficiency.

The demand for workforce mostly temporary ones will increase once the pandemic starts to retrieve. Manpower is one of the most important pillars of the economy of any country and to restart building a crippled economy it will be equally important as any other factor.

TASKMO has always provided clients with the best of the staffing options whenever required. We have been consistent with our services and we will stand by startups during the time of need. We train, deploy, and manage temporary staff whenever and however you need them. We provide temporary staff for many job roles in various industries like Customer Acquisition, BTL marketing, FMCG, Events and Hospitality, Delivery fleet, etc.

Hiring a temporary workforce from us is always productive and cost-effective. We have more than 300 clients to date and we operate in about 7 cities. Even during the pandemic lockdown, we have been successfully providing our clients with staff who have shown outstanding results to the clients and helped overcome the need for staff at such dire times.