Manpower is the most crucial part of any industry. We must have the right quantity and quality of manpower to run a company. Hiring temporary staff can be beneficial for many reasons but finding the right platform to hire from can be a difficult task. Also, not every platform would offer experienced gig taskers.

Taskmo - Gig Economy (Vol.87)

Taskmo is a gig economy platform that provides experienced gig taskers as temporary staff to clients for various job roles in many major industries. We select our staff by thorough video-based screening and consider only the genuine ones. They are then trained by us and deployed at the quickest time as required by our clients.

The staff can be managed and tracked through our real-time GPS, geo-track, geo-fencing automated features. The clients can check the rate of productivity as well and whether or not their goals are fulfilled. Hiring temporary staff from us is cost-effective too. The clients are billed only for the working hours of the staff.

Our experienced gig taskers are trained for various job roles in industries like FMCG, warehouse operations, BTL marketing, delivery fleet, sampling and merchandising, customer service, etc. We have served more than 3000 clients and we operate in over 7 major cities. We have successfully deployed gig taskers even during the COVIS-19 lockdown and they have been able to show productive results which provided our clients fulfillment.

Taskmo Blog

Our services are task-based or hourly/monthly based. The payment for the task-based services is dependent on the target analysis after the task is completed. In other words, it is outcome-based. Target analysis is also done for hourly/monthly based services to understand the shortcomings and help us improve as we progress.

We screen and train the workforce and deploy them according to your needs at the earliest. We have provided consistent quality over the years and helped our clients achieve their goals. They have been satisfied by partnering with us.

Taskmo is an on-demand staffing platform that can fulfill all your requirements in terms of a flexible temporary workforce who are experienced gig taskers. We take care of their verification through our video-based screening processes and we ensure that the service we provide will help the client achieve their goals and feel fulfillment.

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